The first LIGHT Guide was born at the end of 2015. It was actually first intended that I should write simple motivational affirmations for a yearly calendar. After the first few paragraphs I began to hear a silent voice that guided me to write a much more comprehensive book. I trusted in this guidance that later on introduced itself as The Light Guide. It explained that I am its channel.

The book was written and in the following year successfully published.

Around the Light Guide a community began to form. People shared their experiences and breakthroughs while using the Light Guide. They were truly supportive with each other on their paths of conscious awakenings and transformations.

They were all excited that the intervals* in the Light Guide really work. With this knowledge they could learn how to consciously live their lives and to connect with their true purpose.

*for more information about Light Guide and its content go to this page.

I also used the Light Guide in a way where I was learning new truths about myself and my potentials.

I was working on manifesting my vision of a new type of company. I clearly saw that relationships in this company are based on the energy of unconditional love.

In the next 5 years this vision became a reality and the company Light was formed. The universe responded to my conscious creating. There was no coincidence that I met Uroš, Jure, Nejc and Tadej. All of us together became co-founders of the company called LIGHT.

When we started with our "brainstorming" sessions we were getting very interesting insights. We soon realized that we are very compatible when it came to our business goals. But later understood that as characters we are very different individuals. We did not turn away from the fact that a lot of inner work on our belief patterns will have to be done.

Our egos began to crumble. As did our strong subconscious beliefs and personal expectations. Our intense experience of what it really means to act from unconditional love had begun. And unconditional love is all about non-judgement and acceptance. This was our path of learning and growing.

It took a lot of trust and courage for us to persevere. Each of us felt something significant in ourselves that we had never felt before in our lives. It is as if a higher force brought us together and that we are truly here with a specific PURPOSE.

This purpose was greater than ourselves and our personal desires. The events that we experienced during this collective process in a way "forced" us to see our hidden pains and all of our barriers that did not allow us to live in our fullest potentials.

We knew that it was not just about creating a new company or a new even better service of consulting. It had a lot to do with our personal spiritual awakening in the context of co-creation of a more conscious community.

What we are and how we feel in a certain period of life we also directly attract into our reality. Each of us felt that we could achieve something more if we started creating with like-minded people. We realized that a community which is based on sincere loving relationships is the foundation on which a better world for all can emerge.

This new learning and in fact a way of being was actually our new knowledge that we now use when working with our clients. We now understand and sincerely accept the diverse characteristics of our customers and can much more easily empathize with their real needs.

Light Guide remains our primary guide and companion. It has always been much more than just a book or a tool. And its journey continues.

We would love for you to be a part of it.